The Metaverse, also known as the Pleroma, contains every version of physical world, every region of the Dreamtime, and everything that lies beyond.


The world mortal beings are familiar with is comprised of four dimensions; length, height, width, and time. These dimensions are only a fraction of those that mortals can perceive naturally. The other dimensions have come together to form a macrobiotic organism known as the Logos, which is comprised of the minds of all living beings. It produces vast amounts of ka, the immaterial energy of life. The Logos exists in this 'ocean' of ka, surrounded by the trinity of Aeons known as the Barbelo.

The Pleroma also contains the physical world, which emerged as a creation of the being known as the Demiurge. It began as a singularity. When exposed to proto-matter from a macrovirus, (known as Sakla), and the Logos, the universe as we know it began. Each possible timeline exists parallel to the others. Trapped within the physical world is an Aeon, (known as Sophia), as well as a large amount of concentrated ka known as the Dreamtime.

Another region known as the Endlands, which is composed of the undigested bits of the physical world (excreted by Sakla, which feeds on the individual realities of the physical world), superimposed upon one another. It exists seperate from both the Logos and the physical world.

Not much is known about the Pleroma beyond what has already been stated. It is possible more forms of macrobiotic life exist, or even physical realities derived from other dimensions besides the four mortal beings know.

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