Below is a list of terms unique to the Dreamtime mythology.

List of termsEdit


Aeon -- Beings composed of aether and arcane energy. They are sapient beings that represent abstract concepts, and were created by the Logos. Aeons represent the different personalities the divine can manifest as. They exist simultaneously in the Dreamtime and the Pleroma.

Aether -- A form of proto-matter. It is the divine essence, the soul, and is created when arcane energy vibrates in all of its' frequencies at once. It can be shaped and molded into whatever the user decides. It looks like mercury surrounded by an ultraviolet aura.

Arcane Energy -- A type of energy that can be manipulated by will alone. It behaves as both a particle and a wave, similar to light. It is also similar to electro-magnetic radiation in the sense that it has multiple wavelengths. Arcane energy is generally divided into seven types, each able to imitate a paticular aspect of reality, i.e. water, fire, etc. It exists in all forms of life, but can only be manipulated by sapient beings.

Archon -- Beings composed or vril and arcane energy. They are sapient, as well as generally sadistic and insane. When exposed to vril crystals, spirits are driven mad and will seek out and merge with other affected spirits, creating a powerful hybrid being. They see all other beings as abominations, and wish to see all things infected by vril.


Dreamtime -- A spiritual realm composed entirely of arcane energy. It is the source of all dreams and fictions, and anything that has been imagined can be found there. It is inhabited by spirits, loa, and archons. The spirits of the dead, unless claimed by a more powerful being, wind up there. Each individual perceives the dreamtime differently, and is defined by what the visitor's subconcious beliefs and expectations. Multiple visitors see a composite of each others subconcious.


Proto-matter -- Materials that have mass, but do not behave like ordinary matter. Only two varieties are known so far: aether and vril, each a derivative of arcane energy.


Vril --

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