Biological Information
Type Spirit
Height 7-9 ft. (length)
Diet Carnivore
Lifespan n/a
Sapience Level Sapient
Disposition Aggressive
Habitat Dreamtime -- The Pit
Subspecies Barghest

Alphas are a sapient subspecies of barghest.


If the victim of a barghest attack survives their wounds, they will enter into a process that ends when the victim has fully transformed into an Alpha. This usually takes about a day. At first symptoms of the change are lethargy and increased hunger. After a few hours, the skin will take on a dark bluish coloration. The skin will become thicker and scaly. The victims hair will start to fall out in massive clumps. Nine hours in and the victim will cocoon themselves in a thick, gelatinous substance, forming an agg like structure around the victim. By now they are unconcious as bones begin to shift and change shape, and the body becomes much more canine. 24 hours after getting attacked, the victim will emerge from the cocoon fully transformed.

The newly reborn Alpha retains its' sapience, but no memories of its' former life. They are cruel, cunning creatures that care only for killing and destruction. They respect brute force over anything else, and will generally commit themselves and their pack to the service of an archon, loa, or demon. Most Alphas worship the archon Fenris.

About the size of a car, Alphas are fearsome creatures to contend with. They can easily outrun a human at their max speed of 45-50 mph. At the ends of their long tails are four spines that contain a potent neurotoxin that paralyzes enemies. These spines are detachable, and Alphas can fling them at great distance from their prey with surprising accuracy.

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